Having a member of staff dedicated to the hot beverages category is the key to a successful coffee offer, says Lauramay Castle, who manages Moto’s Leigh Delamere east-bound forecourt on the M4 in Chippenham, Wiltshire.

"Costa is such a big name and we have to live up to expectations and make sure the quality of coffee is consistent," says Lauramay. "Having one person who knows her customers, her coffee and is trained to the highest level by Costa keeps people coming back to us. If they love the coffee and the service, they won’t want to go anywhere else."

Busiest times for coffee drinkers at Leigh Delamere are from 5am till 1pm, Monday to Friday, which is peak time for business people and lorry drivers. Coffee also forms part of a deal a bacon roll and medium coffee for £3.49. "As far as I’m aware, we’re the only Costa franchise that does that and people come here just because of that deal," says Lauramay.