PTC Supplies and Services, a sister company of Active Carwash Supplies, has come up with a solution to the growing problem of air machines being badly damaged by criminals breaking into them to steal any small change stored inside.

Following a programme of development, PTC Supplies and Services has developed what it believes to be one of the first cashless air machines in the UK, which removes any incentive for machine break-ins.

The new machine has been developed with its technology partner, PCL, the forecourt and air technology solutions provider based in Sheffield.

The new Cashless Air Machine uses a contactless card reader that reads the customer’s contactless credit or debit card and automatically loads the machine with a credit for whatever time period of air supply required by the site operator.

The cost to the customer can be set at any level, remotely if required, but the company says initial trials suggest that a £1 per vend is acceptable in the market.

The customer then inflates their tyres as normal. The payment is automatically sent to the Nayax payment handling system and on the 15th of each month is paid, minus a small transaction cost into the forecourt operator’s account.

Tthe machine will in time also remotely monitor its mechanical and service condition, and should any component fall out of pre-set parameters, an alert will automatically be relayed to the forecourt operator or maintenance team.

The operator can, should they wish, receive real time updates of machine usage and payments which can provide marketing and management information.

There is also the ability for the machine to accept tokens, available in the forecourt shop, which can be used for customers without contactless cards.

Machines are available for any location, any fuel branding, on outright purchase or profit share.

PTC is already working on a retrofit kit for existing machines and other forecourt equipment such as car washes, jet washes and vacuums.

Contact Peter at PTC on 07976 933282 email or Tony on 07908 261372