Dover Fueling Solutions (DFS) has launched the DFS DX connected solutions platform.

According to the company, DFS DX is the industry’s first open, global, and common cloud platform that harnesses advanced analytics and the Internet to deliver five core solutions: wetstock management, remote asset monitoring, targeted advertising and media at the dispenser, fleet fueling site management, and point of sale management.

These solutions enable fuel retailers to identify fuel loss in real-time, optimise dispenser uptime, increase sales through targeted advertising at the fuel dispenser, centrally manage point-of-sale solutions and control an entire fleet from a single interface.

Matt Tormollen, vice president and general manager, DFS Solutions, said: “The DFS DX platform provides a common set of cloud-enabled services that are leveraged across all DFS DX applications to drive increased time-to-value for our customers and lower cost of ownership.

“Not only are these applications implemented in true edge computing IoT model to drive value closest to the point of impact, but we’ve built it from the ground-up to enable third-parties, customers and partners to easily integrate their clouds and applications – which is a real game-changer to radically transform the face of the fueling industry.

“These innovations continue to exceed all expectations as we march toward our goal of being the leading global provider of enhanced technologies in the fuel retail and convenience sectors.”

DFS DX utilises Microsoft’s Azure platform to gather and quickly process a multitude of secure data points to deliver real-time information that helps fuel networks drive efficiencies and cost savings while providing security and scalability, according to DFS.