FT Liqal equipment Gasrec

Gasrec used Liqal’s LNG refuelling technology at Reed Boardall’s gas station

Dover has expanded its range in the alternative fuel sector with the acquisition of Liqal, a turnkey supplier of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and hydrogen refueling equipment and solutions, and micro liquefaction solution, based in the Netherlands.

Liqal is now part of the Dover Fueling Solutions (DFS) operating unit within Dover’s Fueling Solutions segment.

“Adoption of alternative fuels for transportation is expected to grow and new fueling infrastructure projects increasingly require site digitalisation and integration of various technologies. Liqal’s turnkey and digital capabilities fit well with customer requirements and allowed us to become a leader in this growing segment,” said Jorg Raven, founder and managing director of Liqal.

“The LNG and hydrogen fueling industries will continue to grow in the coming years, and we are excited to join forces with DFS to bring to market our unique cloud-based monitoring and control system solutions tailored specifically for these alternative fueling applications.

“DFS is a global leader in solutions for retail fueling and a recognised technology pioneer. Liqal brings a portfolio of LNG and hydrogen products and solutions, as well as significant innovation capabilities and proprietary technologies that will position DFS to support its customers who are actively investing in lower-carbon fuels,” said DFS president David Crouse.

“With the acquisition of Liqal, and our strategic partnerships with EV charging providers, DFS is well-positioned to help our customers adopt these prevailing alternative fuel options, which enhances our position as a preferred partner offering simple, safe and efficient end-to-end site experiences for consumers, as well as the convenience retail and fleet industries.”

Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.