cllr John Cottee

Councillor John Cottee

Trading Standards officers in Nottinghamshire carrying out checks on petrol and diesel measures have been surprised to discover petrol pumps from the era of flared trousers and glam rock that were still working hard and giving customers correct measures.

At a forecourt in Bilsthorpe officers discovered a pump that dated back to 1971. Along with the other pumps on the site it was given a clean bill of health for delivering the correct amounts of fuel.

Nottinghamshire County Council reported that during petrol and diesel spot checks the majority of businesses are complying with their legal obligations. Less than 3% of the nozzles that were tested were found to be giving less fuel than stated at the pump. Following notices to fix their equipment, the petrol station owners have fixed the deficient nozzles, so they now deliver legal measures.

Councillor John Cottee, cabinet member for communities at the council, said: “By carrying out these checks we can reassure residents that they are getting their money’s worth in Nottinghamshire, which is crucial at a time when costs are rising.

“Retailers have also welcomed the opportunity to have their business independently checked, and in cases where we have found they are giving customers less than required, I am pleased to say that they have willingly adjusted their equipment to ensure customers receive the correct amounts.”