DSL Group, the specialist in petrol pump-top promotions and distribution, has secured an exclusive 12-month forecourt promotion agreement with 200 Co-operative stores across the UK. "The recently agreed deal means that various DSL products will be available in all Co-operative forecourts, offering consumers high quality, great value products," said DSL’s commercial manager, Terry Lee.

Products that DSL will be supplying to the Co-op stores include AA-branded torches, In-Fashion Design sunglasses, 3M branded-Thinsulate gloves, mobile phone chargers and Disney-branded lights.

Business development manager, Mike Whitehead, commented: "We are extremely pleased to announce this listing that we have been working hard to secure for a number of years. This partnership is great news for both DSL and The Co-operative, allowing us to provide a number of high quality items at great value."

Other companies DSL Group works with include Sainsbury’s, MRH, BP, Shell, Moto, Esso, Texaco, Total, Roadchef, MFG and Jet.

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