APG Cash Drawer, a global manufacturer of cash management solutions, has announced a new partnership with Station Master, Ireland’s independent epos specialist for the retail, convenience and the forecourt market.

With cash handling costs being an on-going concern for retailers in Europe, the new partnership aims to eliminate expensive processes through increased cash-handling efficiency at the point of sale.

According to a survey conducted by the European Central Bank, 58% of Irish retailers stated that employee cash theft was the second largest cause of loss to their business and with 78% of all pos transactions in the country being made using cash, the demand for a solution to this problem is high.

To address this issue, APG and Station Master worked together, with Station Master offering its epos software and integrating it with APG’s Smarttill Solution, which enables easy reconciliation and immediately identifies discrepancies, greatly reducing the hours spent on manual handling processes and eliminating cash loss.

Director of Station Master, Patrick Keegan said: “The Smarttill Intelligent Cash Drawer offers a complete solution to the customer.”

He said the new prompt that immediately alerts cashiers to a discrepancy encourages better cash handling and acts as a potent theft deterrent, with the objective of reducing cash loss at the pos.

Daybreak Delvin Petrol Station and Convenience Store, based in County Westmeath, was the first Station Master customer to buy the newly integrated solution. Company director Sarah Orme found the previous process of checking for discrepancies and reconciliation at the end of each shift both frustrating and time consuming. “It was difficult to pinpoint the exact time that discrepancies occurred,” said Orme.

Since the installation of the Smarttill Solution in the autumn, Orme stated that “discrepancies have been eliminated, Safedrop amounts are automatically counted and correct at all times and till cash-up time takes seconds, significantly cutting back on man hours.”

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