Cloud-based service Connect will be launched later this year


Food-to-go and hot-holding manufacturer Flexeserve is showcasing the next revolution in hot food – cloud-based service, Connect, in London this week.

The company claims that Connect – launching later this year – can help operators sell more and waste less at every location.

Warwick Wakefield, director of Customer Experience, said: “We are more excited than ever to bring our wealth of innovations and expertise in hot-holding to foodservice operators at our 11th lunch! Show.

“We’re also showcasing how our newly evolved Flexeserve Solution helps customers further advance their hot food operations – reducing food waste and improving operational and energy efficiency. Connect by Flexeserve takes this all-encompassing service to the next level – it will change hot food operations forever.”

Flexeserve’s latest innovation sees the company become the first hot-holding manufacturer to incorporate and embrace cloud connectivity.

Connect by Flexeserve is a new cloud-based service that is designed to enable operators to control and automate units remotely, and collate performance data to see an entire “hot food operation like never before”.

Dirk Wissmann, operational support & development manager, said: “Connect is a giant leap for the industry, with huge potential for our customers to realise the full benefits of true hot-holding and what a hot-food operation can be.”

He explained that operators can optimise their hot food programme efficiently, sustainably and profitably with the Flexeserve Solution, newly evolved for 2023. The service comprises six key elements: technology, food, culinary, packaging, implement and connect. 

Flexeserve is also launching its latest hot-holding product - Flexeserve Hub Undercounter. Described as back-of-house with operational efficiencies at its core, Flexeserve Hub is the only unit that can hot-hold batch-cooked ingredients, complete dishes and whole packaged food orders for unrivalled hold times, versatility and energy efficiency.