Volumatic and G4S join together to provide a fully managed cash solution. Pictured are Volumatic's Mike Severs (L) with Bob Lammin (R) of G4S

Volumatic and G4S join together to provide a fully managed cash solution. Pictured are Volumatic’s Mike Severs (left) with Bob Lammin of G4S

Cash management specialist Volumatic launched its new CashView Enterprise Software at the recent Forecourt Show at the NEC.

The company also revealed that it has joined forces with Security G4S Cash Solutions (UK) to offer a cash solution, which has been designed to meet the evolving needs of retail businesses across the UK.

The new CashView Enterprise Software is described as a ’cutting-edge solution’ offering enhanced visibility, control, and efficiency in handling cash transactions. 

”Its launch marks a significant milestone in Volumatic’s commitment to providing innovative tools to address the evolving needs of retailers,” said Mike Severs, sales and marketing director at Volumatic. ”As businesses navigate the complexities of cash management and security, Volumatic remains dedicated to supporting retailers with advanced solutions and strategic guidance to thrive in an ever-evolving marketplace.”

The company showcased its comprehensive product range tailored to meet the diverse needs of petrol forecourt and convenience retailers from its  range of CountEasy money counting scales, all of which claim to accurately count the entire contents of a till drawer in less than a minute, as well as being compact and portable; to its all-encompassing solution, the CounterCache intelligent (CCi) - a secure storage device, cash counter and forgery detector in one discrete device which sits at the till point.

”The benefits of using these clever solutions are clear to see,” said Severs. “These cash handling devices not only make your end-of-day reconciliation quicker and more efficient, but they also free up your team’s time to do other important jobs.”

Volumatic used the Forecourt Show to emphasise several crucial takeaways for retailers. The persistent challenge of cash efficiency emerged as a top concern, with businesses seeking strategies to optimise their cash-handling processes and minimise losses.

”Additionally, the prevalence of retail crime was highlighted, emphasising the importance of implementing robust security measures to mitigate risks and protect assets. The closures of banks and post offices were identified as significant factors impacting retailers’ cash management practices, prompting a re-evaluation of strategies to adapt to changing financial landscapes.”

With more and more banks closing in city centres, towns and rural areas, the need for alternative cash solutions to enable efficient cash acceptance and management is growing. Quick cash acceptance and security coupled with efficient transportation and crediting is paramount. With this new agreement, any businesses dealing in cash will benefit from the industry expertise, service reliability and dedication to ensuring an effective cash solution.

Time to embrace cash say Volumatic

Meanwhile Volumatic says its new deal with Security G4S Cash Solutions will provide multiple customer benefits, according to Severs: ”Note validation, security and reporting remove the need for counting and reconciliation tasks, while indemnification and intelligent scheduling optimises cash collections,” he said. ”G4S can facilitate credit ahead of physical cash processing where a partner bank agrees to this. This one-touch solution eliminates risks, including forgeries, miscounts, shrinkage, and theft.

”It will mean every business dealing in cash anywhere in the UK can have access to this managed solution. This will be especially relevant to those who currently have to walk or travel a distance to a bank or PO to deposit their cash.

“It also shows how valuable our CounterCache intelligent (CCi) can be to any business handling cash. It makes daily cash processing faster, safer, and more secure. Those already using the CCi currently benefit from efficient cash processing procedures, cash security, and no longer have to deal with counterfeit notes, discrepancies, or losses. The system saves businesses money – it really is the most efficient way for staff to handle cash.

“Adoption of this new full cash solution with G4S will save businesses time and money for years to come, making it a worthwhile investment. It means businesses can benefit from the best of both worlds which delivers fantastic value.”

Bob Lammin, Head of CASH360 Solutions at G4S, added: “We are committed to providing our customers dealing in cash with an end-to-end cash solution with the highest level of reliability and service. We are delighted to expand our range of products supported in the market and work with Volumatic to deliver this full cash management solution. With the proven reliability of Volumatic’s CCi unit and our own national cash solution services we can support any businesses left vulnerable from nearby banks closing.”

Leveraging our combined knowledge and technology this new agreement between Volumatic and G4S means businesses will be provided with the peace of mind that they can continue to accept cash seamlessly into the future.