FT Gilbarco Veeder-Root EV charger RTM range

Gilbarco Veeder-Root (GVR) has launched a new EV charging solution designed specifically for the forecourt sector, which can be easily upgraded if more power is needed.

Graham Tunks, e-mobility business development manager at GVR, explained: “With the RTM Series we are providing a complete turnkey solution with way more flexibility than other solutions.”

Major benefits of the RTM, according to Tunks, are its small footprint (each one measures 1,998mm x 850mm x 309mm) meaning it needs less civil works, its electronics are IP65 rated protected, and its low operating costs.

Unlike other rapid chargers, the RTM has liquid cooling inside rather than a fan, filter or air purifier. This means it needs checking just once every five years instead of having the costs of an annual check.

GVR will be offering an RTM50 (50kW) and an RTM75 (75kW). The RTM50 starts at £18,000. There are three models, with options available as well such as a card reader. The machines are made so they can be easily upgraded. For example, anyone buying the 50kW version can purchase an extra 25kW of power and it can be configured quickly.

Another major plus point of the RTM is that it offers simultaneous charging. Each dispenser has two types of charge points: the European standard CCS cable for European cars (and also the new Tesla 3 model), and the Chademo Japanese standard for Nissan, Mazdas etc. Tunks explained: “If someone driving a BMW is plugged into the RTM using the CCS cable and a Nissan Leaf drives up, the Nissan driver can plug in and both cars can charge together as the RTM has individual power packs inside.”

The chargers will be connected to GVR’s own network: “Forecourts can brand them themselves if they wish to,” said Tunks. “They operate the chargers, set the price and decide whether they want to offer contactless or pay through a phone app.”

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