Henderson Technology has announced the launch of the EDGEPoS self-checkout, which is now available to EDGEPoS users across the UK.

The benefits of self-checkout have been experienced in busy retail environments from supermarkets to fuel convenience sites, and Henderson Technology, owned by Irish wholesaler and retailer Henderson Group, has created innovative technology for the growing convenience sector.

Darren Nickels, head of Henderson Technology commented: “EDGEPoS self-checkout is a new concept from Henderson Technology. It was installed into its first test site in April 2018 at Eurospar Ashbury, a Henderson Retail supermarket and to date the feedback has been excellent.

“The store experienced faster customer service and a reduction in lengthy checkout lines and wait times, however the beauty of our product comes from our review of market trends resulting in an original approach and a product that requires less labour, space and capital to install.

“Our product differs from others on the market, it gives retailers more choice to utilise space throughout the store, enhancing the customer shopping experience.

He explained: “Traditional self-checkout options are known as being complex and prone to failure. For example, they use scales to weigh goods in the bagging area, and if the scale fails, the machine does not work.

“EDGEPoS Self-Checkout eliminates these failures as the innovative concept allows your existing till to be turned into a self-checkout by switching control from the cashier’s side to the customer side. Simple but brilliant.”

“With approximately 12% of the daily transactions now going through self-checkout, the store has been able to free up staff that were tied to the tills, and utilise them in different areas of the store, thus progressing their abilities and maintaining stock on the shop floor for additional sales.”

Store manager at Eurospar Ashbury, Lynsey Wilson, added “It has been a great success, customers are really reacting to the newest addition to the store. We have had hundreds of customers trying out the new service daily and are returning to use the express tills confidentially.”

The EDGEPoS self-checkouts are much smaller and more streamlined than other conventional products on the market. They are designed to speed up the transaction process, allowing retailers to utilise space on the shop floor and ultimately provide customers with more options and a better customer experience.

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