Panasonic SCV2

Microwave manufacturer Panasonic is giving foodservice operators the option to trial its SCV2 speed convection oven free of charge for four weeks.

This will give forecourts the chance to test the oven for toasting, grilling and reheating their menu items. The SCV2 oven can store up to 1,000 cooking programmes with images, so is easy for anyone to use.

Panasonic claims the SCV2 heats gently enough for soup and will toast a panini in under a minute, yet has a small footprint, is stackable and can be located anywhere as it features its own catalytic converter, elimintating the need for any extraction.

Andrew Whyte, assistant product manager at Panasonic, said: “We wanted to make the SCV2 accessible to as many operators as possible because we understand there may be hesitancy in investing in a piece of quality equipment up front. By offering a free trial, we can ensure that any barriers to making a decision can be removed, and demonstrate fully the features and benefits of this remarkable oven in a customer’s own kitchen.”

To take part in the trial, email your interest to