To provide confidence and longevity to Oracle customers, P&C Services has focused on developing an enhanced reporting and alert system for Prism and Iridium software.

Lumix contains an extensive real-time report suite designed to provide the retailer with strategic insights into their business. The information can be viewed for a single store, or aggregated for multiple stores. Lumix is web-based allowing the information to be viewed at your desk, on your phone or tablet, in real time.

Promotions, basket analysis, pricing, and sales right down to item level can be viewed, and the interactive dashboard provides a snapshot of trading activities. The promotion module focuses on promotion movements via sales, cashier and by store, so retailers can intricately analyse performance.

The alert suites focuses on providing users of Lumix with information emailed on areas of concerns including; drive offs, voids, price over-rides, refunds, discounts and paid outs. These reports can all be configured and scheduled to be emailed to fit business requirements.  

Tariq Bhai, from Top 50 Indie Majid and Sons, commented: “Lumix has saved me a great deal of time and allowed me to focus on areas of my business that let me improve sales and reduce waste. It has allowed me to view my business from an entirely new perspective.

“The application is easy to use and understand. All of my managers use Lumix and now only use Prism to enter information. All of our product movements, including fuel, are viewed using Lumix.

“My operations manager and store managers spent a lot of time entering information into spreadsheets on a daily basis and sent it to me via email. There is no need now as I see it all in Lumix. It has saved my staff around an hours work a day. That hour is now spent on the shop floor.  

“I can check in real-time how well newly added promotions are doing, and I’ve just moved to Spar, so I will constantly be looking at Lumix to see the increase in shop sales.

“I would highly recommend Lumix. It will save you time and money, and assist you in focusing on areas of growing your business. I pay monthly for the service and it is priced very reasonably for what it provides me.”

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