TLM Technologies has recruited its new sales director Paul Muncey from Certas Energy, and he will join the company at the end of June.

Muncey has over 30 years’ experience in the convenience and fuel retail industry including 15 years with Certas Energy, most recently as head of network sales.

His involvement with Gulf began in 2002 when the brand re-entered the UK market under the Bayford Group. He started Gulf Aviation in 2008 before returning to retail in 2011 and assisting with acquisitions and mergers of organisations such as Pace and Total.

Lee Papper, TLM CEO, said: “I am delighted with this most recent appointment. Bringing in Paul as sales director will give the group focus and direction. Paul will be an immense help strategically with the launch of our revolutionary new Evolution product suite, driving these solutions and the company forward.”

Ron Haacke, TLM chairman said: “Lee and I have known Paul for a long time, and are very pleased that he is now joining our team. Over the years Paul has demonstrated a high level of competency and professionalism and we know he will be a tremendous addition to the group.”

Muncey commented: “I am genuinely delighted and excited to join the TLM team. Having known Lee and Ron for almost 20 years, I have observed TLM’s meteoric rise to success over the last two years, and followed them with great interest. I am thrilled to be involved in shaping TLM’s future, bringing my experience and knowledge of the industry to work alongside their fantastic people and products, and helping the company to reach their ambitious growth plans for the future.

“It was a big decision to leave Gulf and Certas after 15 successful years and being directly involved in two start-up businesses for them, but TLM’s product range and ability to be on the leading edge of technology in our industry, their diversity and innovation, and most importantly the impressive and inspirational people they have in their team, makes this a truly fantastic opportunity and challenge that I cannot wait to take up.”

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