TLM Technologies has added new functionality in its evoHeadOffice solution for convenience and fuel.

The new estate management module allows organisations operating an estate of properties to centralise control over every aspect of their business, from core operations and finances to business performance and customer insight.

Built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and developed by TLM sister business Ocean Dynamics, the solution enables retailers to control the operational processes involved in running multi-site operations, in seamless conjunction with crucial finance and reporting capabilities.

This allows retailers to further automate and streamline their business processes while enforcing best-practice and providing powerful cross-organisation visibility.

TLM describes the estate management module within evoHeadOffice as flexible, scalable and easy to deploy, and says it offers exciting capabilities that reduce operational costs, supporting administrative processes of large estates such as:

  • physical property oversight for the entire estate;
  • rents;
  • operator / management changes; and
  • repairs and maintenance.

This can all be done alongside head office functionality offering business analytics and reporting, complete control of company-wide finances, pricing and margins, and streamlining of communications throughout the supply chain.

TLM CEO Lee Papper said: “We are very excited to introduce this new functionality to the convenience and fuel market, further enhancing the appeal of our industry-leading head office solution to organisations running large estates of properties.”

Shane Thakrar, managing director of HKS Retail  which has implemented evoHeadOffice in seven of its recently acquired sites over the last few months, said: “evoHeadOffice provides up-to-date technology to allow us to effectively manage stock and margins at site level from head office, saving significant time and effort at both head office and site. The system also provides the functionality to obtain management information to monitor performance remotely. We now look forward to rolling the solution out across the rest of our estate.”

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