Rachael Hockmeyer

Rachael Hockmeyer

The Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) has launched a new group which aims to act as a support network for women running independent convenience stores.

The group was formed to provide women with a space to connect with each other and share their experiences and perspectives. ACS will facilitate quarterly meetings for the group, featuring guest speakers and workshops where the group will explore a range of topics, including public speaking, confidence and how to use social media.

Current members of the group were enthusiastic about its benefits after a recent meeting.

Rachael Hockmeyer, Hockmeyer Motors, said: “In the world of convenience, women are in the majority as management, staff and customers. However we are under represented on boards, committees and in the press. I am delighted to be part of the WIRN which will enable passionate retailers to support each other, share best practice and learn new skills.”

Sue Nithyananadan, Costcutter Epsom, commented: “This is a good forum for us to share our experiences and ideas and to increase our overall visibility in the retail sector.”

And Julie Duhra, Premier Jules Convenience, said: “I am proud to be an independent retailer of 30 years. Today I am learning from another retailer how to get to do wine courses and grow sales with your expertise. Knowledge is key.”

Anyone interested in joining the group or who would like more information should contact sarah.johnson@acs.org.uk