Asda pfs

Asda has announced that it is converting 82 of its forecourts that are attached to superstores, to pay at pump. The grocery giant has around 300 forecourts attached to Asda superstores and over half of these sites are already unmanned.

Eighty-two sites have drive-thru payment kiosks, 14 of which have recently been converted to pay at pump. The company began a programme to redeploy staff in these forecourt sites to the superstores last year and expect this to be completed by the summer.

Asda wanted to make clear that this change only affects forecourts that are located adjacent to an Asda superstore. There is no change to any of its other sites.

The Sun reported the story saying it was a blow to shoppers as Asda was going ‘cashless’. However, an Asda spokesperson said: “As more than 90% of all payments on our superstore forecourts are made via card or a contactless device, the colleagues who worked on these sites are moving into the store so they can better serve our customers. These conversions began in December and we expect to complete the changeover later in 2024.”