FT - BP pulse rapid charging hub for fleets, Park Lane

BP pulse rapid charging hub for fleets, Park Lane

BP pulse has opened what it claims is the UK’s first rapid charging hub for fleet vehicles.

The company says the new multi-charger hub on Park Lane in Central London can already provide rapid charging for 10 vehicles simultaneously and it has plans to more than double its capacity in the coming months.

It believes the new facility demonstrates its commitment to provide EV drivers with fast, reliable and convenient charging. The company intends to open hundreds of similar hubs across London and other UK and European cities by 2030, further supporting the transition of businesses and fleets to electric vehicles.

BP’s ambition is to become a net-zero company by 2050 or sooner and help the world get to net zero. Electrification is at the heart of its convenience and mobility strategy, with aims to grow its network of public EV charging points to over 70,000 worldwide by 2030.

BP already has 8,700 rapid and ultra-fast charging points, including a fast-growing network at BP retail sites in the UK and Germany (Aral). These new hubs will expand BP’s offering to fleet customers by providing rapid charging in major cities.

Richard Bartlett, BP’s senior vice president, future mobility & solutions, said: “London anticipates that by 2025 taxis and private hire vehicles will account for 80% of all public charging demand in the city. Fast, reliable charging infrastructure in convenient locations is essential to give business and fleet customers the confidence to make the switch to electric. That’s why we’re opening our new hubs at the heart of major cities across the UK and Europe, aiming to keep fleets charged and ready for business - whilst producing zero emissions.”

As part of its strategic relationship with BP, Uber is BP’s first fleet customer to get access to the new hubs, with dedicated charge points for Uber partner-drivers.

Uber’s vision is to electrify all cars on its app in London by 2025. The BP pulse hubs will support this by providing an extensive and reliable charging network. Partner-drivers on the Uber app will also benefit from discounts on BP pulse public charging and home charging units.

Jamie Heywood, Uber regional general manager, Northern and Eastern Europe, said: “At Uber, we have been doing everything we can to encourage drivers to switch to electric vehicles, including launching Uber Green to make zero-emissions transport a reality. We know that one of the greatest barriers to electrification is the lack of rapid charging points in the right places that are convenient for drivers - bp pulse’s fantastic new hub is a great step forward in making sure their needs will be met.”

The new rapid charging hubs will deliver charging in locations where fleet and operational vehicles need it most – and at scale, with a target of at least 10 chargers per site. Wherever possible, additional facilities will be provided at each location, including toilets, WiFi and refreshments.

The Park Lane hub has 10 rapid 50kW chargers, with a further 12 chargers being added in the coming months. A second site is already under construction in the Westminster area.