Dacia spring

Pre-orders are open now for the Dacia Spring electric car, which will have a launch price from just £14,995 on-the-road, making it the UK’s most affordable new electric car by thousands of pounds.

Dacia claims it is rewriting the EV rulebook by quashing the traditionally high purchase price that many UK drivers say stops them from making the switch. The £14,995 price places the all-electric supermini inside the UK’s top 10 most affordable new cars, regardless of how they are powered.

With demand expected to be high, those who pre-order with a £99 deposit, are guaranteed to be among the first to get behind the wheel. Pre-order customers also get a complimentary £250 towards accessories, public charging or a contribution for a home charger through Mobilize Power Solutions. 

Using its 7kW charger, the Spring’s compact 26.8 kWh battery can be charged from 20% to 100% on a suitable domestic outlet in less than 11 hours, or in just four hours on a 7kW wall box.

Luke Broad, Dacia brand director for the UK, said: “Spring has played a key part in widespread adoption of EVs across Europe and, with a price that is even lower than speculated, we’re confident it will continue the success story in the UK. We have listened to the concerns of UK drivers regarding accessing EVs, ensuring it not only has an unprecedented price but affordability that doesn’t come at the expense of durability, equipment or usability. Quite simply, there’s no other new EV currently on sale that offers so much for so little.”

Dacia Spring will arrive in the UK in October.