Deliveries have started of what claimed to be the UK’s most affordable electric vehicle.

London-based Ark Motors has started deliveries of its Ark Zero electric quadricycle, which is priced at £5,995 and is seen as a rival for the Citroën Ami.

The vehicle is 2.5m in length, 1.2m in width, and 1.625m in height, which means it’s shorter but taller than the Citroën Ami. The bodywork and chassis are made from aluminium and the vehicle weighs 489kg.

The narrow body means that only two adults can fit inside – the driver and a passenger on the rear seat. The company says there is also room for a dog.

It has a claimed range of about 50 miles and can reach a top speed of 28 mph driven by a 3-horsepower motor powered by an 80-Ah lithium-ion battery.

As standard, it comes with a sunroof, reversing camera, LED lights, a central LCD infotainment screen and Bluetooth connectivity. Customers are able to choose between four exterior colours: red, black, white, and grey.

It uses a standard Type 1 charger, which allows charge speeds of up to 7.4kW, with Type 2 chargers available using a converter. According to the firm, a full charge takes six to eight hours and costs less than £1.

Ark Motors CEO Yilmaz Bora commented: “At Ark Motors we are committed to creating The Future of Urban Mobility that is smarter, smoother, and greener.

“By eliminating fossil fuel reliance and embracing electric vehicles like the Ark Zero, we can foster positive change in our communities and protect our planet for future generations.”

He added: “I want to thank our customers for believing in us since day one and dedicated employees for their efforts, which have helped us swiftly establish ourselves in the electric vehicle market and provide innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of consumers.”