be.EV hub

Be.EV has been granted planning permission to build an EV and eBike charging hub on a former forecourt site in Manchester.

The proposal for the site, on the corner of Reliance Street and Oldham Road, is for “a new generation of filling station designed to meet the demands of the EV market. It will offer reliable, EV charging supported by a range of ancillary serves, designed to maximise the experience of charging and optimise the use of the associated dwell time”.

The plans are for charging for 16 EVs as well as a dedicated area for charging/storing electric bikes. There will also be a single-storey commercial space measuring 175m2 . The plans say this commercial space will be used as a ‘waiting room’, with customers being able to purchase a refreshment while their vehicles are charging. It is likely to comprise a small convenience store/café area.

Materials that will be used on the project include block paving in the vehicle and pedestrian areas while the commercial unit will have a zinc-clad façade and timber cladding to provide a weatherproof and corrosion resistant finish. The canopy will be constructed with birch timber battens. Both the commercial unit roof and canopy roof will have a mature sedum blanket to enhance biodiversity.

Wildflower planting is proposed between the retail unit and neighbouring residential properties to increase the site’s biodiversity. Raised aluminium planters are proposed along the boundary of the site.

The EV charging station will be operational 24 hours and it is envisaged that the commercial unit will remain open and staffed 24/7 to enhance safety and surveillance of the site.