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A staggering 80% of UK drivers won’t be purchasing electric vehicles (EVs) due to rising costs and lack of government support, according to new research.

The revealing statistics, commissioned by used-car buying service, ChooseMyCar.com, are part of a larger study into driver beliefs around EVs. The study includes questions around the costs of EVs, which prove that there are several large barriers to UK drivers getting behind EVs as the future of the motor industry.

Currently, EV drivers enjoy a 100% discount on the Congestion Charge in London - until December 24, 2025. Also, in April 2025, the Government introduces the Vehicle Excise Duty on EVs. However, according to the research, these future costs are putting off a number of car buyers. It shows that 78% of UK drivers expressed a belief that the Government needs to do more to support EV ownership, with 70% suggesting it scraps its plans on EV tax, Congestion Charge, and Low Emission zones.

Of the 80% that are concerned about rising electricity costs, 79% were male compared to 81% of women. The 55-plus age group was the demographic with the biggest concerns, with 84% admitting that the rising costs will stop them purchasing an EV at the moment.

Geographically, there was also some variation, although all areas were strongly in agreement that rising electricity costs were a big turn off when considering investing in an EV. Sheffield was the city with the strongest view on this, with 92% stating they would be put off buying an EV due to current electricity costs.

This was followed by:

  • Nottingham, with 88%
  • Liverpool and Southampton, with 85% each
  • Cardiff, Plymouth, and London, with 84% each


The least concerned cities were:

  • Birmingham, with 68%
  • Leeds, with 69%
  • Glasgow, with 76%


Founder of ChooseMyCar.com, Nick Zapolski, said that the statistics prove how important it is that the Government provides incentives for people to buy EVs.

“EVs have hit the press for all the wrong reasons lately, with complaints about charging difficulties dominating the headlines.

“These stats prove that people have valid concerns about EV ownership - and instead of helping ease those concerns, the Government chooses to introduce extra barriers.

“If the Government truly wants to support its green agenda and encourage EV ownership, it needs to take action now, or EVs will become a disaster.”