Gridserve has increased pricing for DC charging to a single price of £0.69p/kWh across the Electric Highway and pegged standalone AC charging at £0.49p/kWh.

In a statement announcing the changes Gridserve said: “We understand that a price increase for DC charging may be unwelcome news. We get it. We also hope you appreciate that Gridserve have held our pricing below that of competing networks for some time now, while our cost base has continued to inflate, in some cases above our pricing.”

However, it claimed that even at the new levels it would remain among the most competitively priced charging in the UK for high power chargers.

It said its analysis showed that UK charge point operators who offer speeds of 150kW+ are priced from between £0.74p/kWh to £0.85p/kWh, and claimed it continued to be significantly lower priced than competitors in the high power charging market.

Pricing for its high power chargers has been increased by 3p per kWh, to 69p per kWh.

To simplify pricing, and also to reduce some confusion around the levels of power delivered, we are also moving all DC chargers, including our Medium Power chargers and those at our Electric Forecourts®, to the same pricing.

It added: “One rate for all DC chargers on the Gridserve Electric Highway will avoid unnecessary confusion of different rates at different locations, or even different rates at the same location, where we have multiple charging speeds. While DC charging will increase slightly at this time, we’ve been able to keep our AC chargers at 49p per kWh, to remain as affordable as possible and still below the industry average.”