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A man deliberately crashed into another motorist’s car and attacked him after he refused to pay for his brother’s cigarettes at a petrol station, a court has been told.

Peterborough Crown Court heard the assault happened on the evening of 21 September, 2021.

Brian Chapman, 42, of Puddingpoke Lane, Lutton, Lincolnshire, had driven to the Thorney Toll filling station with his brother who wanted to buy tobacco.

However, Chapman’s brother didn’t have enough money and got into an argument with the cashier at the night-pay counter.

The victim filled up his car with petrol and went to pay at the counter where the argument was going on.

Chapman’s brother turned and began shouting at the victim, suggesting he should pay for the tobacco, and when the victim refused, the brother became even more aggressive.

The victim began to walk back towards his car, with the brother continuing to shout and swear, and drove onto the A47 towards Guyhirn where the incident happened.

Chapman rammed the victim’s car from behind with his Golf before overtaking and braking sharply.

The victim’s car slammed into the back of the Golf before Chapman dragged him from his car, pushed him to the ground and assaulted him.

The victim and his son managed to prevent Chapman from driving off but he fled from the scene on foot.

Chapman was jailed for one year and six months, having been found guilty of actual bodily harm and dangerous driving, and was also disqualified from driving for five years and nine months and will have to do a re-test.

PC Conor Mallen said: “Chapman used his car as a weapon, which was incredibly aggressive and intimidating, and then assaulted the victim for absolutely no reason. This was thuggish and dangerous behaviour and I am pleased he has faced justice.”