FT Brian Madderson Feb 2020

PRA and CWA chairman Brian Madderson

The Petrol Retailers Association (PRA) and Car Wash Association (CWA) have called for automated car washes, which include roll-overs and self-serve jet washes, to be allowed to reopen immediately in Northern Ireland.

This call has been endorsed by Ian Paisley, the Member of Parliament for North Antrim, who echoed his constituents’ dissatisfaction: “I am appalled by the reasoning put forward by the government on this and strongly support this latest challenge by the Petrol Retailers Association to overturn the car wash restriction.”

PRA and CWA chairman Brian Madderson commented: “It is illogical for automated car washes to be closed, while they can open in Scotland and Wales, with England also permitting automated roll-overs to be operational. The public can safely use these services as they do not require the involvement of any third parties, unlike manual hand car washes.

“As the safety of the public remains of paramount concern to our members, they have gone to great lengths to ensure PPE, such as protective gloves and face masks, are provided to customers. No evidence has emerged from the other home nations showing that drivers are ignoring current restrictions to make special journeys just to clean their vehicles.”