Nisa has launched a fresh approach to recruitment with a dedicated team offering support to new partners, with the aim of ensuring an efficient, effective and high-quality on boarding experience to retailers joining the group.

The newly created induction manager role is intended to cater for the needs of new Nisa partners, supporting them through the first three months of their Nisa membership, becoming the key point of contact for all new stores.

Head of new business at Nisa, Chris Moore, said: “We recognise that joining a symbol group is a big step for independent retailers and we want to demonstrate how much we value them and their decision to join our award-winning business by the provision of this dedicated supporting role which will guide them through the early stages of their new journey with Nisa.

“The induction manager will ensure every new partner who joins Nisa has a dedicated single point of contact to guide them through every aspect of the business in the early days of the relationship.

“They will support new partners throughout the entire on boarding process and work collaboratively with a wide range of teams at Nisa to make sure every induction is a success and ensure the true potential of each store in unlocked.”

The induction process will involve a plan of activities tailored to the needs of each individual Nisa partner and will link in and engage with the relevant Nisa teams.

“This investment in recruitment and induction demonstrates Nisa’s commitment to the growth of our business and our mission to ensure we offer the best service to our partners, sharing feedback and lessons learned to continuously improve our ways of working,” added Chris.