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Penny on the Move is considering introducing another 26 Drop Box units from Quadient

Top 50 Indie Penny on the Move is expanding its number of parcel lockers to a possible 87 of its 93 forecourts, citing the pick-up and return service as a footfall driver, as well as a hassle-free revenue stream.

It is considering this year introducing another 26 Drop Box units from Quadient, which are carrier-agnostic, and are already in place at 30 of its locations.

The Alnwick-based forecourt operator, which is rebranding from Penny Petroleum, said that although retailers are paid to have the lockers on site they do not suit every location.

Having plenty space is key, said Penny on the Move regional manager David Miller, with the lockers ideally situated next to the shop, or laundry or valeting sections. “You don’t want them getting in the way and causing health and safety issues,” he said.

“The major attraction is the convenience it gives customers to come in and drop off parcels 24/7 rather than having to queue in a Post Office. We have seen a massive drive in footfall to stores which have them, particularly from customers coming home from work. They make a big impact,” he added.

Penny on the Move, the UK’s fifth biggest forecourt independent, started introducing the Quadient lockers with a built-in label printer in 2022. It also has InPost lockers at a dozen sites and is considering them at a further 10. Other parcel locker brands it has on-site are Amazon – with four lockers – and ByBox, with five.