Vikki Howells MS

Vikki Howells MS

The Cross-Party Group on Small Shops in the Welsh Parliament has met to consider the Welsh government’s retail vision and how small shops are contributing to the delivery of the strategy to regenerate the retail sector.

The meeting was chaired by Vikki Howells MS and attended by a number of MSs and representatives of independent retail trade associations.

During the meeting, ACS government relations director Edward Woodall highlighted the vital role that local shops play in communities across Wales and to the Welsh economy, outlining the issues that these businesses are currently facing including rising energy bills and employment costs.

He said: “Local shops are playing a key role in helping customers to try and manage their money as they navigate the cost of living crisis. By shopping in local shops, consumers are shopping little and often, using a range of services in one place, and saving money on fuel by walking to stores.

“Convenience retailers are committed to helping their communities through the cost of living crisis despite the ongoing cost of trading crisis that they’re currently facing. We will continue to engage with the Welsh Government on their retail vision to help shape the action plan to ensure that it reflects the issues faced by local shops in Wales.”