Just top Oil M25 protest damage

Fuel stations at motorway service areas on the M25 have today been blockaded, and fuel pumps damaged to put them out of action, in a protest by supporters of Just Stop Oil.

The activity comes a day after the group renewed its attempts to blockade oil terminals in Essex and Warwickshire

The group claimed 32 of its supporters took action at three service stations on the M25 in support of its demand that the UK government end new oil and gas projects in the UK.

It said that at 5am it targeted Cobham Services and Clacket Lane Services (east and westbound) in Surrey and Thurrock Services in Essex.

Just Stop Oil supporters blocked access to the petrol pumps by sitting in the road with banners. Some supporters also sabotaged petrol pumps by breaking the display glass, covering them with spray paint or gluing themselves to the pump.

Protestor Joy Corrigan, 73, a grandmother of three, said: I am sick with worry about how today’s children will survive. Everyday I see more and more examples of climate change and the frequency is accelerating. Government get your bloody finger out. We need action today not tomorrow.”

Surrey Police reported that 20 people had been arrested at the Clacket Lane and Cobham service stations.

It said that as of 1pm, Cobham service station had reopened and fuel was available, although some pumps were too damaged to be used. Clacket Lane eastbound and westbound services remain closed due to the damage caused to pumps there.

A total of eight protestors were arrested at Cobham and 12 were arrested at Clacket Lane for offences including conspiracy to commit criminal damage, aggravated trespass, and public nuisance. They all remain in custody.

A 29-year-old and 57-year-old man were arrested at Clacket Lane services. Following further inquiries, they were both de-arrested and released with no further action.

Superintendent Graham Barnett said: “While we will always seek to facilitate the public’s right to protest, the damage caused at the petrol stations earlier today is completely unacceptable and does not constitute a lawful protest.

“Officers responded quickly to the first call and began removing protestors safely as soon as they arrived. Responding to protests of this nature is not easy, the tactics these groups use cause damage and significant disruption which requires a lot of time and officers to resolve. I’d like to thank the public for bearing with us during the disruption.”

At 12.15pm Essex Police reported its officers had arrested 11 people on the forecourt at Moto, Thurrock Motorway Services, Grays, on suspicion of criminal damage to petrol pump display panels.

It said the service station remains closed while officers continued gathering information at the scene.

Yesterday, Just Stop Oil said 50 of its supporters disrupted deliveries from terminals in Warwickshire and Essex by blocking road and occupying tunnels underneath them.

It reported that Tuesday’s actions resulted in 35 arrests. Nine people are due in Birmingham Crown Court charged with breaking an injunction.

Essex Police confirmed it had closed roads due to the presence of tunnels and said it had made a total of 28 arrests.

Assistant chief constable Glen Pavelin said: “We’re working hard to keep Essex moving, keep people safe and minimise disruption to the public on Thurrock’s roads.

“We understand that people have the right to peacefully protest, but we will not tolerate criminal activities that affect our communities and businesses and will take swift and robust action to tackle such incidents.

“We will continue to work with our partners and businesses to bring this situation to an end.”

“We remain on scene at two locations and a road closure is still in place at the junction of Stoneness Road at the A126 roundabout and traffic is being diverted.

“We would ask drivers to avoid the area and make alternative arrangements if they can.”