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Despite the rapid growth in the number of public chargers, over half (52%) of EV drivers say they would face significant difficulties solely using the public charging network.

The EVXperience Report, published by independent leasing company Zenith, polled nearly 2,800 of its EV customers on their experience of driving an EV.

It found that 69% of drivers primarily rely on charging off-street at home, with only 14% using the public charging network as their main energy source. Zenith said this presents a risk of a “driveway divide” between those who have off-street parking and can use home chargers and those who rely on the significantly more expensive public network.

Tim Buchan, CEO, Zenith, said: “Progress is being made, with the number of chargepoints growing 46% in January 2024 compared to last year, and multiple new innovations in play, such as converting BT green boxes into charging hubs.

“But, there is a serious risk that the EV transition will be delayed if worsening public perceptions of the network are not addressed. To get there, we need the government to equalise VAT on public charging, an opportunity missed in the Budget last week, and boost capacity by speeding up grid connections for charge point providers.

“As for the providers themselves, they need to offer a consistent, reliable and user-friendly experience that doesn’t let drivers down when they are making a longer trip. Through cheaper pricing, faster roll-out and a better service – we can help drive forward the EV transition.”