Vape top products

Independent retailers are warning Scotland’s first minister Humza Yousaf that banning single-use vapes will fuel illicit sales.

Unveiling his programme for government earlier this week Yousaf said a consultation on banning the devices would be launched next year.

In his speech Yousaf said: “I hear too often about how common vaping is among our young people. In the next year, we will take action to reduce vaping and particularly among children.

“The government will also consult on curbing the sale of disposable single-use vapes, including consulting on an outright ban.”

Responding, the Fed’s president in Scotland Hussan Lal said: “Banning disposable vapes will simply expand an already booming illicit market.

“Vapes help many give up smoking and are part of life now. I am confident the black market will become even more active.

“These illicit products are already on sale at car boot sales, mobile phone shops, cafes and tanning salons as well as via the internet and by dealers delivering direct to homes.

“Rather than looking to ban single-use vapes, the government should be looking at responsible ways of recycling them and more educational campaigns.”

Anti-smoking campaign group Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) has also warned that a ban would increase the trade in illegal vapes as well as making it harder for some adults to give up smoking.

The Fed will respond to the consultation when it opens next year.