Pete Cheena SGF CEO

SGF CEO Pete Cheema

The Scottish Grocers’ Federation has published its annual spotlight on the retail market in Scotland, highlighting the vital service its members provide to their communities and the wider economy.

The Scottish Local Shop Report 2022 provides a breakdown of the substantial contribution of the convenience retail sector to the Scottish economy during a very challenging time for homes and businesses.

The latest figures show an increase in the number of convenience stores over the past year, up 61, to 5,098 in 2022, providing a total of 49,000 jobs across Scotland, a rise of 16.7% over the same period.

Meanwhile, shop owners are working hard to maintain and grow their businesses, with 11% working more than 70 hours each week, 28% taking no holidays throughout the year, and £65m invested in local stores since 2021.

Pete Cheema, CEO of the Scottish Grocers’ Federation, said: “The contribution of convenience stores and retail over the past few years cannot be overstated.

“Despite very difficult and challenging circumstances for many in convenience retail, staff and local shop owners across Scotland have continued to play an absolutely essential role in both the Scottish economy and for people in their communities.

“SGF’s Local Shop Report provides a key insight into the convenience store sector, the vital services our industry provides and the tireless work of many of those who are employed in our trade.

“The information gathered in the report clearly makes the case for targeted support from government, for our industry. So that we can continue to deliver for our local economies and communities.”

The report was produced in conjunction with SGF colleagues at the Association of Convenience Stores.