Shell rooley lane

Shell is seeking planning permission to install extra EV charging bays at its Rooley Lane site in Bradford.

There is already one EV charging bay located in front of the existing shop, however there is no planning history relating to it as it was installed under permitted development rights.

The proposal primarily relates to the eastern and southern boundary of the existing petrol station which comprises hardstanding, two jet wash bays, a plant room, as well as three air and water bays.

Permission is sought for eight EV charging bays along with the associated infrastructure including a substation and an LV cabinet. The bays would be split into two separate hubs, with four bays located along the southern boundary and four on the eastern boundary of the site.

To achieve this, two jet wash bays and a plant room would need to be demolished and three air/water bays and two fuel pumps (numbers seven and eight) would need to be removed. In addition, the application seeks to reduce the size of the forecourt canopy, which will no longer need to extend over pump numbers seven and eight.

In the application, Shells says its Shell Recharge locations are supplied with electricity from 100% certified renewable sources, as regulated by the Renewable Energy Guarantees of

Origin (REGO) scheme by Ofgem. It states that it is also working to provide more electricity from sources such as wind and solar power that will allow EVs to run on low carbon power sources. This is part of the company’s wider effort to make electricity a significant part of its business to sit alongside oil, gas and chemicals in the future.