Sinead Lynch

Sinead Lynch, UK country chair at Shell

Shell’s UK chief has called on the government to bring forward its ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars to 2030.

In February the prime minister set a target date of 2035 for the ban, and the transport minister Grant Shapps later suggested it could be achieved by 2032.

However, in an article on LinkedIn, Sinead Lynch, UK country chair at Shell, said 2030 was achievable with the right government policy.

She said: “We believe that the right policy and incentives could allow the UK to achieve this as soon as 2030, to ensure the UK meets the 2050 net zero target.”

And she concluded: “The technology is ready, the infrastructure is growing, but the speed of the transition needs to accelerate over the next decade. The UK needs need a robust framework of enabling policy measures so that business and industry can prepare to reach this target.”

Outlining the policies she said were needed, she said: “The Government needs to continue providing incentives to help customers go electric that are sustainable in the longer-term. Norway’s successful example of EV deployment is largely due to the fiscal measures adopted, including a VAT exemption.

“Then there is charging. Customers must be reassured they will be able to charge wherever is most convenient for them, while at the same time not disrupting their journeys. Even if most cars will charge at home or at work, electric vehicle drivers will need an increasing number of faster, high-powered options at forecourts and other public locations.

“Customers need to see faster deployment of a public rapid charging network. And more investment is needed in UK electricity networks so they can handle the extra demands of electric vehicle charging.”

She added: “At Shell we are doing our part by increasing numbers of fast chargers on our forecourts and through increasing Shell-owned New Motion’s installation of home and office charge points. NewMotion recently partnered with Aldi to provide EV charge points for customers to use while they do their shopping.