Tesla queue

Source: Jamie Waters

Tesla owners have complained of having to wait for hours to charge their vehicles over the Christmas holiday, and published pictures of long queues on social media.

One of the biggest queues was at Westmorland’s Tebay services on the M6 in Cumbria on December 27.

Tesla owner Jamie Waters reported on Twitter that he had to queue for two and a half hours to charge his vehicle , adding: “Worst journey as a Tesla driver. Queue now 40 deep!”

Another Tesla owner commiserated : “Thought we had it bad at 12:15 when we waited 40mins to charge at Tebay. Unbelievable it got to this.”

Another said: “Love my Tesla. But managing long journeys is becoming more challenging. Need more chargers!” Jamie replied: “It’s got worse over the last three years but today was exceptional!”

However, another driver blamed Tesla tweeting: “They really need to pull their finger out @Tesla. Barely any upgrades or new chargers in place with the tsunami of new cars coming in.”

Elsewhere, more than 20 cars were filmed queuing for a charging point in a Waitrose car park in South Mims on Christmas Day.

One TikTok user reported that the Tesla owners were waiting around one hour to charge their cars at the station.