bp pulse2

Uber is offering its London drivers cash incentives to switch to an EV as well as £750-worth of charging credits with BP Pulse.

The company wants to make it easier and more affordable for drivers to switch to an EV, so it can reach its end of 2025, 100% EV goal.

The BP Pulse credits are available to the first 8,000 active London drivers who subscribe and link their Uber and BP Pulse accounts. They will receive three months of charging credits (up to £250 per month, maximum of £750).

Drivers who reach their monthly £250 EV charging credit allowance, will be charged BP Pulse’s lowest EV charging rates for the remaining kWh in the month. These rates are 27p/kWh for speeds of 7kWh and 49p/kWh for speeds of 50kWh and above.

The cash incentive comes in the form of £5,000 EV Assistance on new or used fully electric vehicles. To be eligible, drivers must have completed fewer than 10 EV trips in the six months before May 21, 2024 and have an EV added to their account by November 30, 2024.

Other exclusive rewards for EV drivers on the Uber Driver app include 10% higher earnings on Uber Green vs UberX until the end of 2024 and the fact that drivers can keep the £1.50 Central London Fee on trips that start, end or pass through the Congestion Charge Zone (CCZ).