Zero Emission Transport

The creation of a new Zero Emission Mobility Taskforce has been announced by Zemo Partnership, as it celebrates 20 years since its formation (originally as the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership) to accelerate transport to zero emissions.

The new taskforce aims to become a leading authority on the policies and pathways needed to achieve a successful transition to net-zero road transport in the UK.

Progress towards the targets will be benchmarked and monitored through the creation of a series of Zemo Zero Emission Mobility Roadmaps.

 Zemo says it will harness its convening powers - developed over two decades - to engage the widest range of stakeholders in this endeavour; not just representatives of the Partnership’s existing (circa 240) members, but those representing government (at all levels), industry, road user and consumer groups, NGOs and other sector experts.

The Partnership believes it is uniquely placed to make this happen; building on its success and experience over the past two decades: ”drawing on the trust and respect that has been established and driving the cross-sector collaboration that’s part of Zemo’s DNA and vital to our sustainable transport future”.

It is inviting all those interested in developing a UK zero-emission transport system for the future to join and take part. Focused around Zemo’s existing Working Groups, Zero Emission Mobility Roadmaps will be produced for: personal mobility; public mobility; moving goods and services; sustainable fuel supply; infrastructure supply and vehicle supply.

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To introduce the plans, Zemo is holding three webinars on the following dates:

  • 12 September (10.00-12.00) Workshop One: Personal Mobility & Net Zero
  • 14 September (11.00-13.00) Workshop Two: Decarbonising Public Mobility
  • 19 September (10.00-12.00) Workshop Three: Moving Goods Sustainably

 Those interested in joining and finding out more can register via this link.