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    Growing your sweet sales

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    Confectionery is one of the top categories purchased on impulse in forecourts. However, following HFSS regulations and now the cost-of-living crisis, there are multiple challenges for the category to face. Find out how to boost your sweet sales.

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    Mars Wrigley launches new, high profile Extra Chewing Gum TV campaign


    Mars Wrigley is launching a new, high profile Extra Chewing Gum TV campaign.

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    Mentos Gum extends Pure Fresh range with two new flavours


    Mentos Gum is extending its Pure Fresh range with the addition of two new fruity variants: Tropical and Cherry. The sugar-free, liquid-centred gum comes in 2g pieces which it says are 30% bigger per piece than its competitors. It comes in a 50-piece bottle with an rrp of £2.25. According ...

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    Starburst bridges the gap between gum and candy


    Mars Chocolate and Wrigley UK are introducing Starburst chewing gum, described as a "sugar-free treat alternative that bridges the gap between gum and candy". Targeted at 15-24 year olds, there are: Fruity Mixies, Strawberry Cubes and Red Berry Sticks; available in small packs, handyboxes and bottles. Rrps are 49p, £1 ...

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    product news: Mars Chocolate and Wrigley launches Starburst Chewing Gum


    Mars Chocolate and Wrigley UK is expanding its portfolio and introducing a ‘candy-like experience’ with the launch of Starburst Chewing Gum. Available in all channels from the February 26, Starburst Fruity Mixies, Starburst Strawberry Cubes and Starburst Red Berry Sticks will provide consumers with a sugar-free treat alternative which bridges ...

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    In-car holders return - free with gum and mints


    Mars Chocolate and Wrigley UK are continuing their in-car consumption campaign with the return of their in-car gum holder, free with selected gum bottles. The formats on offer include Extra Peppermint and Spearmint (60pc), Extra White, White Bubblemint, Ice Peppermint and Coolbreeze (46pc), Airwaves Menthol & Eucalyptus (46pc) and new ...

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    product news: in-car gum holder makes a comeback


    This February, Mars Chocolate and Wrigley UK is continuing to drive in-car consumption by bringing back its gum holder, which enables drivers to keep bottles of Extra and Airwaves to hand. The in-car gum holder will free of charge with selected purchased gum bottles. The formats on offer include Extra ...

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    Wrigley’s bid to boost in-car gum consumption


    Wrigley is unlocking new consumption occasions and huge category growth potential across its Extra and Airwaves’ portfolios with the launch of an innovative in-car gum holder. After identifying in-car consumption as a clear growth opportunity, Wrigley has developed the holder, which is tailored to conveniently keep bottles of Extra and ...

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    Breathe easy


    When BP/M&S approach a supplier wanting to stock their product, you know it must be a good one. And that’s exactly what happened with Peppersmith the mint and gum company started by two ex-Innocent Drinks employees. As a result, BP is now selling Peppersmith’s 100% xylitol mints and gum in ...

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    Pellet potential


    It’s not often that you buy a packet of chewing gum then, as a result, drive off in a brand new car. But that’s exactly what happened to Airwaves gum consumer Theresa Cowling from Oxford, who won a Ford Focus ST as part of the brand’s Full Throttle promotion. Her ...

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    Chewits gets into gum


    The Chewits chewy sweets brand is expanding into gum territory with the launch of Chewie gum. Aimed at eight to 11-year-olds, recommended retail price is 39p.

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    Wrigley shows its bottle with new gum format


    Wrigley is launching its first-ever small bottle format. Designed to drive chewing frequency and volume, the company believes the new format will bring an additional £12m in retail sales to the gum category this year. As well as boosting sales, Wrigley says the launch will improve shopper value with the ...

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    Chewing gum levy proposal defeated in Wales Assembly vote


    A proposal for a new law imposing a 5p levy on chewing gum sales was defeated in the Welsh Assembly on Wednesday. The measure was voted down by 30 votes to 17. Darren Millar AM (Assembly Member) had put forward the plans in an attempt to raise revenue to tackle ...

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    Welsh Assembly debates proposal for chewing gum levy


    ACS (the Association of Convenience Stores) has asked Welsh Assembly Members to oppose a proposed levy on chewing gum, which is being debated today. The proposal, introduced by Darren Millar AM, would require retailers to add the 5p levy to the price of chewing gum sold in store, and to ...

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    Trebor adds gum


    Cadbury is extending its popular Trebor Extra Strong brand with the launch of a gum in spearmint and peppermint flavours. The company said it identified an opportunity to grow the gum category by appealing to consumers aged 35-plus. It believes Trebor Extra Strong is the perfect brand to do that. ...

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    Nozzles: weapon of choice in the UK gum war


    The gum war between Wrigley and Cadbury Trebor Bassett’s new Trident brand is moving onto the forecourt, with both companies booking nozzle advertising through media specialist Alvern. Wrigley is promoting its new car-friendly Extra ’Biggi’ bottle pack, which contains 60 pellets of gum and is specifically aimed at forecourts and ...