Kenworth Ltd, which already operates two Nisa-branded forecourts in the North East of England, is moving its third site to Nisa after seeing "staggering increases" in fuel and shop sales at its other two sites.

Located at Catterick Garrison in North Yorkshire, Beacon Service Station has undergone major alteration over the past few weeks to include a large Nisa c-store which will be open around the clock, new pumps, a new forecourt surface and full Nisa rebranding.

Further work to increase the number of high-speed HGV pumps will start soon.

Kenworth said that despite all the disruptions and having half the forecourt closed due to the alterations, the fuel sales have been maintained at the pre-alteration level indicating the positive impact of the new Nisa forecourt and customer acceptance of the new brand.

The family business previously operated all three of its sites under the Jet brand and was one of the first companies to sign up to the new Nisa/Greenergy deal in July 2013, when it refurbished Redworth Service Station on the outskirts of Bishop Auckland with a Nisa-branded forecourt and a new Nisa shop. Later that year, the family introduced Nisa branding at its second site at Wheatley Hill near Durham.

The company says both sites have since experienced a substantial rise in forecourt and shop sales.