Of all the deals put forward, the price-supported margin deal offered by Murco was by far the better package. That was the verdict of the Stuart family when they were looking for a new fuel supplier at their Dumbarton Service Station earlier this year.


Violet Devlin (nee Stuart) explains: "Murco really wants us to do well and be a profitable business and they are geared up to help us in whatever way they can.


"Their quality fuels, reliable deliveries and strong Murco branding are, as you can imagine, vitally important to us, but it is their knowledge, contacts and ongoing general support and advice that really makes them different. From supplying waste bins for our forecourt to assisting us to get better deals on our pumps and till maintenance, everything is geared towards us having a better business. If we thrive, so will Murco and you can’t say fairer than that!"



Family affair



Violet’s family took over Dumbarton Service Station in Dumbarton, just west of Glasgow, in 1985. Violet, her sister Sandra Stuart and their brother David Stuart all began working there straight from school. Today, David looks after the workshop, Violet the office and Sandra the Mace-branded shop.


The site is on a busy main road about five minutes from Dumbarton town centre. It has regular local trade but also benefits from tourists and golfers on their way to Oban and Fort William.


Sandra says all product categories in the shop are performing well


On joining Murco she says: "The Murco signage has only been up for a month but already we are busier. It’s early days but it’s looking good.


"When we were looking for a new fuel supplier we found Murco friendlier and more willing to help. They made a really big fuss of us; we couldn’t fault them."


For the future, Sandra is confident the site will stay in family hands: "Both Paul and Violet have two children each and we are already talking about them joining the business."



Expansion plan



Murco’s dealer sales manager, Jim Mulheran, comments: "We are delighted to welcome Violet and Sandra to our dealer network.


"Since the recent expansion of our company-owned station network into Scotland, we have been looking to recruit high quality dealers to complement these sites.


"I am confident that Dumbarton Service Station will be the first of many Scottish dealers to join us and I look forward to growing the Murco brand significantly in Scotland.


"The clear message to Scottish dealers and their English and Welsh counterparts, of course, is don’t sign a new supply agreement without first speaking to Murco."