Top 50 Indie Penny Petroleum has signed a deal to move a further eight of its Scottish convenience stores to Spar.

With a total of 52 forecourts around the UK, Penny Petroleum currently number six in the latest Top 50 Indies listing has had two sites with Spar stores for two years. By the end of 2019, it will move a further eight stores in Scotland to Spar, with all 10 stores to be supplied by CJ Lang & Son.

Vicky Hennessy, business development manager at Penny Petroleum, said: "Spar has a strong brand presence in Scotland, which will help develop our business in this geographical area. Having worked with Spar and CJ Lang since 2017, we have been impressed by their commitment and support.

"Spar has been proactive in helping us engage with our communities, including product launch days and healthy eating for local schools.

"Their team are passionate about helping us achieve our goals, and they deploy their team to get the best from each store so we all work together."

The move will take place over the next six months, as the team look at internal and external branding at each site. There will be a focus on expanding food-to-go, fresh and frozen food ranges and beer, wine and spirits.