Geo2 has completed a forecourt remediation project using a groundbreaking new sustainable method for treating groundwater without added chemicals or solid waste for disposal.

The project, managed by Spar distributor James Hall & Co, involved treating groundwater contaminated with hydrocarbons at Strand petrol filling station in Barnoldswick in Lancashire, and trialled a treatment method never before seen in the groundwater remediation market.

The potential of the new technology, developed by Arvia Technology, appealed to Geo2 Remediation who sought a long-term replacement for expensive water treatment methods which utilise Granular Activated Carbon (GAC).

The system uses a patented alternative adsorbent to GAC, called Nyex. Nyex produces no solid waste for landfill because it is renewable. It can be completely regenerated by passing a small electrical current through it.

All the hydrocarbon contamination was removed from the groundwater at the Strand site and the running costs of the process were found to be low – around 3p per cubic metre of water treated.

Mark Swindells, director of Geo2 Remediation, said: “We’re always looking for more sustainable and cost effective methods of remediation, and we identified this process as a potentially more efficient alternative to traditional water treatment technology.

“We pride ourselves on pioneering new technology in our sector, as well as offering our clients the highest possible standards of service that are competitively priced, this is why many of our clients come back to us time and time again.”

Stephen Niven, Property Director of James Hall & Co. said: “As a company we’re constantly looking for more sustainable methods, so we were only too happy for Geo2 to trial this exciting new green technology at Barnoldswick.”