Porridge oats company Stoats has revealed a new look for the brand, including a revamp of its packaging, which is now 100% recyclable or compostable.

It is using Natureflex compostable film for its porridge bars and compostable PLA lining in its porridge pots.

In addition to the new packaging, Stoats has reduced the level of sugar in its Porridge Oat Bars by up to 20% across the range of flavours.

Managing director at Stoats, Tony Stone said: “Our new branding reflects our core values as a company; to be simple, genuine and cheerful. We have always been committed to using whole, natural ingredients and we’re thrilled that we’ve been able to respond to our customers and extend these principals to our new packaging, minimising the impact the business has on the environment. We are the biggest cereal bar manufacturer in the UK to commit to using plastic-free packaging and we’re very proud that our independent company has become an industry leader in this respect.”