Kingsmill has launched Kingsmill 50/50 Vitamin Boost, the latest addition to the Kingsmill 50/50 range.

The loaf offers the taste of Kingsmill 50/50 with additional vitamins and minerals.

Kingsmill’s head of marketing, Matthew Cullum, commented: “Health is a key driver of grocery innovation and Kingsmill 50/50 Vitamin Boost is a significant innovation in the bread category which needs to keep meeting ever-changing population and household needs. Kingsmill 50/50 is already associated with health and Kingsmill 50/50 Vitamin Boost helps families up their daily vitamin and mineral intake while giving retailers the chance to leverage health benefits to drive category growth.”

The new loaf will be supported as part of a national marketing campaign for the whole Kingsmill brand with Heart radio.

The seven-month partnership will see Kingsmill featured on the station in a multi-format approach, including school-run sponsorship, promotional trails, competitions and brand advertisements. The campaign is expected to reach 14 million people and aims to build awareness and top-of-mind relevance of Kingsmill and its key sub-brands.

Cullum, added: “Heart is the ideal partner for extending Kingsmill’s Loaf’s Good campaign. We’re aiming to disrupt the everyday by delivering messages supporting the core brand and our broad and diverse product range, including new launches, such as Kingsmill 50/50 Vitamin Boost.”