A new sparkling wine brand called Gigglewater has been launched offering Prosecco in a bottle and 20cl can, as well as a range of 20cl canned flavoured sparkling wines.

Catherine Monahan, founder/CEO of Gigglewater Wines, said: “With growth of sparkling wine continuing at around 23% we are really excited to be launching a new brand into this dynamic category. By initially leading with Prosecco, Frizzante and ‘Secco’ we retain the Italian link while allowing ourselves the flexibility to move away from Italy in the future and build a global brand.

“By taking advantage of changing technology, innovation, occasion-based drinking and worldwide Prosecco pricing fluctuations, we have created a range of modern wines for 2017 that are relevant to Millennials and female consumers.

“We believe that there needs to be more of a focus on wellness and balance in the alcoholic drinks industry and in people’s lives in general, so this is the core theme and foundation of the Gigglewater brand.”

The UK launch of Gigglewater is being supported by a marketing campaign to drive awareness and engagement with the target audience. The activity includes an omni-channel campaign #howtomakeagirllaugh and will include a collection of comedy videos written and acted by an up and coming female Bafta-nominated comedian. Further marketing activities involving comedy, sponsorships, health and wellness retreats and collaborative marketing activities with retailers and on trade customers will take place in 2017.

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