Beef & Onion has won the Walkers Bring it Back competition receiving almost 480,000 of the 1.3 million votes cast.

For the competition, which launched in September, Walkers brought back five flavours and asked the nation to vote for their favourite via Twitter, Facebook and the Walkers website.

The second most popular flavour was Cheese & Chive, followed by Lamb & Mint, Toasted Cheese and Barbecue. As the winner, Beef & Onion will remain on shelves alongside the newly reintroduced Marmite flavour.

Gary Lineker, whom this years mark his 20th anniversary working with Walkers, said: “I’m not surprised we had such a huge response from Walkers crisps fans. A day doesn’t go by when I’m not asked by someone to bring back a flavour from the past. Now it seems, for Beef & Onion fans, their wish has come true.”

Commenting on the success of the competition, Walkers’ marketing director Rachel Holmes said: “The success of this campaign has absolutely exceeded all expectations. We’re delighted to have Beef & Onion back on shelves and for all the other Bring it Back flavours – be sure to hit the stores quick for those last few packs before they’re all gone.”

Walkers’ Beef & Onion flavour will available from 23rd of November in a six pack single format.

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