If he wasn’t MD of Refuel & Go, Andrew MacDonald would have loved to have been a drummer in a successful rock band

Name: Andrew MacDonald Job title: Managing director Company: Refuel & Go

01 Career history: After a period in publishing and the leisure industry, I worked for Shell before starting with Refuel & Go (then Sectorsure) in 1991.

02 Dream job if you weren’t doing this: I would be the drummer in a successful rock band.

03 What do you drive: Mercedes C220 Estate.

04 What would you like to drive: a newer Mercedes!

05 Perfect day: It would be at Lords on the July 14, 2019 watching England win the ICC Cricket World Cup!

06 Favourite team: My forecourt team, of course! Otherwise I’m a lifelong Carlisle United fan.

07 Favourite read: A wonderful and prolific storyteller from the mid-20th century, Stephen Lister (47 books to choose from).

08 Favourite band: The Damned 43 years on and they’re still rocking!

09 Favourite film: On any given day I would definitely choose one from Pulp Fiction, The Green Mile, Papillon, Forrest Gump or any of the Bond films with Sean Connery or Daniel Craig.

10 Possessions you couldn’t do without: My iPhone, although there are times...!

11 Most admire: Probably my father, who was a solicitor in the Lake District. A more honest, loyal and decent man you will never find.

12 Greatest business achievement: P&H Symbol Retailer of the Year 2013.

13 Favourite saying: If you build it, they will come.

14 Outside interests: Music, cricket, golf, reading and dog walking, until recently when our dog, Molly, sadly passed away.

15 Pet hate: People dumping litter whether on our forecourts or just generally.

16 Thoughts on the forecourt sector: We should all be incredibly proud of the complete transformation of the forecourt sector over the past 20-plus years.

17 Best thing about your job: It’s all about the variety of people you meet whether it’s the staff, customers or the suppliers.

18 Greatest fear: The dreaded late night phone call from one of the sites!

19 Three words to describe yourself: Calm, loyal and dependable.

20 Best business advice you’ve received: I was once driving a colleague’s car which didn’t have a rear-view mirror. When I commented on this, he replied that I shouldn’t worry about the people behind, only those in front!