Job title: Directors 

Company: Abbiecraig Services

01 Career history: We have been 35 years in the business, which is a family business and we own two petrol filling stations. We’ve had Abbiecraig Services for seven years. It was a knock-down rebuild and it was then that we went with Spar for the first time.

02 Dream job if you weren’t doing this: This is our dream job, being our own boss.

03 What do you drive: Honda CRV.

04 What would you like to drive: We’d like a new Honda CRV.

05 Perfect day: Spending time looking after the grandchildren. To be honest, we’re more like a taxi sevice for them, but we don’t mind.

06 Favourite team:Dundee Utd.

07 Favourite read: Forecourt Trader, of course!

08 Favourite film: A romcom... Love Actually.

09 Best holiday: Disneyland Florida, with the grandchildren.

10 Possessions you couldn’t do without: For both of us it would be our phones.

11 Most admire: It would have to be successful business women.

12 Most likely to say: "Well done," to a member of our team.

13 Thoughts on the forecourt sector: It’s an ever-changing, challenging business. It’s probably changed more in the past five years than in the past 35! There’s been the sugar tax, pensions and Brexit to name a few. Then there’s electric vehicles. We have the infrastructure in place for electric vehicle charging and are talking to BP about it.

14 Greatest fear: Spiders.

15 Tips for business success: Know your customers. We make sure we spend a lot of time in the shop so we get to know our customers and what they want. A lot of our customers are local but we also get a lot of passing trade.

16 Best business advice you’ve received: Get to know your customers.

17 Best thing about your job: Working with a good team. We’re quite a new team but a good one.

18 Most recent business achievement of note: £2m investment in the store/forecourt rebuild.

19 Pet hate: Lateness.

20 Looking forward to: Hopefully getting a bit of time off over Christmas and watching the new Gavin & Stacey Christmas Special.