Manager of the Forecourt Trader of the Year 2018 site, Gerry Bennett shares his love of hard work... and Manchester United

01 Career history: I started with Dunnes Stores as a trainee manager, moved to running fuel stations, then became an area manager. I also worked in Canada.

02 Dream job if you weren’t doing this:

Flipping houses.

03 What do you drive:

Volvo s80.

04 What would you like to drive: Volvo xc90.

05 Perfect day:

Family holiday, any day.

06 Favourite team:

Manchester United.

07 Favourite read:

Chris Moyles biography.

08 Favourite film:


09 Best holiday:

Canada, my homeland.

10 Possessions you couldn’t do without: It would definitely have to be my car.

11 Most admire:

Alex Ferguson.

12 Most likely to say:

Sorry, but it would probably be: "Get your finger out."

13 Least likely to say:

"Let’s do this."

14 Greatest fear: A 10-stone dog in a bad mood.

15 Tips for business success: Hard work.

16 Best thing about your job: Every day is different.

17 Best business achievement: Winning Forecourt Trader of the Year.

18 Pet hate: Untidy shop.

19 Thoughts on the sector: You need good food for the ever-discerning customer.

20 Which three words best describe yourself: A hard worker.