01 Career history? 38 years on and off in the industry. I also work with some private equity houses and investment funds and also chair a charity.

02 How did you get involved with HKS? By renting them their first site way back in 1984.

03 Best bit of business advice you’ve ever received? Always understand the context because without this no strategy, no action and no success will ever result.

04 What do you drive? Mercedes CLS AMG.

05 What would you like to drive? DB9.

06 Perfect day? An English summer’s day.

07 Best holidays? Skiing in the US and scuba diving in the Caribbean.

08 What personal trip is yet to be taken? To walk with the penguins in Antarctica.

09 Favourite read? The Times and the Mirror together daily always great context.

10 Favourite film: The newer Star Trek trilogy.

11 Possessions you couldn’t do without? Photo library.

12 Most likely to say? Plan for the worst, work for the best.

13 Least likely to say? I’m winging it.

14 What do you hate the most? Political spin... a big, bad habit within the oils as well as among politicians.

15 Most influencial business achievements? A strategy that resulted in the BP/M&S partnership.

16 What do you think is the greatest opportunity for the sector today? The 2,000 great sites in great locations with high demand that remain undeveloped.

17 Do you have any tips for business success? A good coach, an open ear and always learning has to be the real secret.

18 What are your thoughts on the forecourt sector now? The shift from oilco domination to retailer control has shaped the industry and will continue. Unless a foreign oil comes in, the retailers will take the sector to the next epoch.

19 ...and from your experience, how does the UK compare to other countries? Twenty years ago we were all being told to follow the Americans in service and in retail. Today, without doubt, the UK leads the world in the evolution and execution of its forecourt retail offer.

20 Will you stay involved in the sector? Yes, everyone that reads this will know it is a bug that you can’t shake off.